Extended Warranty

Under the terms of the ROLFO warranty, ROLFO SERVICE S.r.l. shall attempt to resolve any manufacturing defects that arise during the validity of the ROLFO warranty, on behalf of ROLFO S.p.A. and FASANO warranty, on behalf of FASANO s.r.l.

ROLFO SERVICE shall replace or repair defective products, providing it is notified of the defect in promptly and in accordance with ROLFO/FASANO General Conditions, and that the defect can be ascertained.

Products claimed as defective must be made available to ROLFO SERVICE for examination. Pursuant to the claim the parts and/or vehicles concerned must be taken, at the purchaser's own expense, to an Authorized ROLFO SERVICE Workshop and/or other place recommended by ROLFO SERVICE.

The ROLFO/FASANO warranty covers:

  • Replacement, overhaul or repair; ROLFO SERVICE decides on the most appropriate course of action, at its own discretion, for the parts found to be defective.
  • The cost of manual labour for executing replacement, overhaul or repair.
  • The cost of delivering the repaired or replaced part, in accordance with the terms of the ROLFO/FASANO warranty.

ROLFO/FASANO cannot assume liability for delayed execution of the repairs and/or overhaul and/or replacement under the warranty, except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence. Work executed under the terms of the ROLFO/FASANO warranty does not extend the warranty in any way.

ROLFO/FASANO may decide, for commercial reasons, to bear the cost of any repairs or replacements not covered by the ROLFO/FASANO warranty; this does not affect ROLFO's/FASANO right to refuse to do so again in the future.

The ROLFO/FASANO warranty implements and replaces the warranties or responsibilities required by law and, except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, exempts ROLFO/FASANO from all other responsibilities (contractual or otherwise) concerning the products provided (for example, compensation for damage, loss of earnings, V.O.R. - Vehicle Off Road, etc.).


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